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Teaching and Research

The college attaches great importance to the training of "double-qualified" teaching staff, continuously deepens educational and teaching reform, and actively promotes scientific research. It has built a new pharmacological research center, a food and drug research institute, a biomedical Fujian Provincial application technology engineering center and so on. The college has 10 provincial-level excellent courses and 3 provincial-level teaching teams. In recent years, it has acquired a series of education and scientific research achievements, including 1 gold award for National Technological Invention Fair, 3 awards for Fujian Provincial Scientific and Technical, 5 awards for Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Advancement, 1 award for Fujian Provincial Medical innovation, 1 achievement for transformation of scientific research, 2 achievements were selected for China Cross - Straits Technology and Projects Fair, 14 national, provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects, 12 horizontal integration subject, and more than 100 department-level scientific research projects.

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